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Workshops 2019

Workshops are the primary way the Network equips leaders in all areas of its Standards and Guidelines for Children, Youth and Family Ministry. Covering a range of topics (from specific concerns related to children, youth, and young adult to leadership/administration to wellness), workshops are led by network practitioners and experts and presented in three different styles: practitioner-led, personal care and wellness, and collective wisdom. (For more on each style, see descriptions below.) Workshops give leaders practical tools they can use the next week in your ministry, renew them in mind, body and spirit, and strengthened the ministry they lead with new ideas and opportunities for faith formation. Whether it’s your first year in ministry or 30th, you work with children, youth, young adults or families...there is something here for you!


Led primarily by practitioners, these workshops center on a topic of ministry, integrate theory, theology, and/or practice, and give participants 1 or 2 take-aways to bring home. These workshops are to be interactive, engaging participants in practices that help them translates this topic into their ministry setting. Practitioner-led workshops will be divided into the following categories: children’s ministry, youth ministry, young adult ministry, social media/technology, diversity, leadership and administration, and tools for ministry.

Personal Care and Wellness

Led by a variety of ministry leaders, these sessions are focused on the personal care and wellness of the ministry leader. These sessions can be primarily participatory (or engaging in practices) or learning about wellness practices (i.e. personal financial planning). Many of these sessions will take place on Saturday or Sunday morning. Examples of personal care and wellness sessions include: Yoga, Bible journaling, artistic expressions, financial wellness, and prayer practices.


Facilitated by experienced ministry leaders, these sessions provide a space for ministry leaders to engage in a small group conversation about a meaningful topic or ministry concern. These sessions will be highly participatory, with the facilitator igniting and guiding the conversation (not coming with the answers). Participants are invited to share from their own experience as they also are curious about other’s experience. Examples of collective-wisdom sessions include: More than ten years - veterans in youth ministry, Tending to Diversity - opportunities and challenges with respect to ethnicity and race in the church, Rethinking Family Ministry – cultivating a hospitable environment for diverse understandings of family, Scale matters – children, youth, and family ministry in large congregations, and Ministry in Rural Setting - the assets and challenges of children, youth, and family ministry.

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