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Open Children, Youth and Family Positions

This information is being published for the benefit of the youth ministers and congregations of the ELCA. It is not comprehensive.

This merely links searching congregations together with individuals looking for a new position. In no way is the quality of either the individual or the congregation guaranteed. As always, do complete interviews and background checks before hiring or being hired.

To list a position in this database, click on the button on ther right to post your position.  Fill out your web form completely.  Your postiion will automatically be posted immediately on the web site. 

On the form, you will be asked to list a date that you will stop receiving applications.  The system will automatically remove your posting after that date.  If you do not have a firm closing date, we suggest selecting a date 90 days out.  If necessary, you can notify us if you need to change that date.

Ordained/Deacon positions will be listed as well, but synod and congregational call processes must be respected.

Do you need assistance?  Or you need to have a posting changed or edited?  Click here to open our help form and click "Placement Page" as the type of help you need.  

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