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  • 02 Mar 2017 10:09 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    The Network's Salary Survey is now open and we are receiving survey forms!  

    The salary survey has, since 2001, been a great tool for individuals and congregations as they work together to ensure fair and appropriate salary compensation.  Read more...

  • 29 Jan 2017 8:51 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    For years, the Network has made available to Network members a database of congregations that are willing to host traveling youth groups who are on their way to a camp mission trip, youth gathering or other experience.  We are making two significant changes in this database.  <Read more...>

  • 07 Jan 2017 9:18 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    Spiritual Direction will be available as an option at Extravaganza 2017.  Bill and Carolyn Kees, who have received certification as spiritual directors, will be with us at the E and providing these services.  

    We asked Bill to describe Spiritual Direction.  He wrote that:

    "Every human being and community has a sacred story. The challenge is waking up to it, and beginning to live consciously from it. We assist individuals in ‘listening to their life’ for this deeper dimension.

    We call this holy listening - or it can also be called spiritual direction or companionship - which evokes awareness of the ways God/Spirit/Christ/Holy Mystery moves in everyday life. An ongoing connection with a spiritual director helps people notice and respond to the presence and invitation of the Sacred in growing freedom and deepening relationship.

    It is our desire that this one-time experience might lead you to engage this journey by finding a spiritual companion in your community.  We will have information on how to do that."

    To register for a session of Spiritual Direction with either Bill or Carolyn, please visit the sign up page.

  • 16 Nov 2016 8:27 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty, who has done amazing work over the last 12 years giving leadership to the Extravaganza Team, has chosen to step down from his position, following Extravaganza 2017 in Louisville.   Read more...

  • 20 Oct 2016 8:11 AM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    At Extravaganza 2017, we'll have the opportunity to screen a brand new documentary called "No Joke."  It's a film about 3 religious leaders from Peoria, Illinois, a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim Imam and a Christian pastor, who have all become close friends.  And it's about how their understanding of each other's faiths, and their approach to interfaith conversation has been shifted by their friendship.  Read more...

  • 02 Oct 2016 3:49 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    The Practice Discipleship (PD) Initiative has been one of the most powerful and influential faith formation ministries to take hold in the ELCA in the last 30 years.  This is not exaggeration, nor is it hyperbole.  It’s just real.

    Literally tens of thousands of people have participated in training and education for leadership in congregational faith formation since the program began as a part of the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering.  <Read more...>

  • 13 Sep 2016 7:28 AM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    Andy "Mo" Moscinski is stepping down from his role as editor of the Network's "e-news."  For the past several years, Mo has done a fantastic job coordinating this important aspect of the Network's communications.

    Now, the congregation he is serving as Director of Faith Formation, Peace Lutheran Church, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is undergoing transition and his responsibilities are increasing, forcing him to let go of his e-news responsibilities.

    Thanks be to God for Mo's work for the Network, as well as his call to serve at Peace Lutheran Church!  And thanks to Mo, for his dedication and work on your behalf.

    The Network is now seeking a new editor for the e-news.  More information can be found on our volunteers page.  

  • 18 Aug 2016 11:45 AM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    The Editorial Team for the Connect Journal is looking for your assistance. The Winter 2017 issue will focus on mental health issues in children, youth, families, and those in the church who serve them.

    We know that many of you have experience working with young people and families who face mental health issues.Some of you, or members of your families, have been diagnosed with mental illness.

    The team is looking for someone to write a Bible study session that connects mental health and faith.

    The Bible study end users would be young people at the high school (or older middle school) age groups.

    If you're interested in writing this Bible study session for publication in Connect, please contact our managing editor, Erin Gibbons. (

    When you contact her, include a sample of your writing.

    You would be compensated for writing this Bible study and would retain all rights to the content.

    Thanks for considering writing this important piece.

  • 02 Jun 2016 4:21 PM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    This year, the Network set a $4000 goal in fundraising from our network members and friends.  This does not include organizational or partnership gifts.  We're talking about $4000 in donations from individuals whose ministry has been touched by the Network and who want to support its work.

    With 28 days to go until the end of our fiscal year, we are only $295 short of our goal!  That's great news!   Read more...

  • 07 Apr 2016 11:41 AM | Todd Buegler (Administrator)

    The Network received this information from our friends and partners at Wheat Ridge:

    Wheat Ridge Ministries Seeking Submissions for the Richard E. Herman Emerging Leader Award

    Do you know someone making a difference in lives and communities affected by poverty?  Someone who, motivated by Christ, is responding to the needs of a community and confronting the systems that perpetuate the underlying problems?  <read more...>

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