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Extravaganza 2019 Housing

Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville Riverfront

We are excited to be at this newly renovated riverfront property in the heart of Jacksonville's downtown. With three restaurants and a bar on site and dozens within walking distance we are looking forward to an exciting time in Jacksonville.

We've Got a Great Rates

Extravaganza Discounted Room rate:

  • $145 (+ 14.13% state and local taxes*) = $165.49 / per night (1-4 people) *tax rate subject to change
  • Discounted Parking: $15 per day with in and out privileges

Notes on Housing:

  1. It is your responsibility to make your own housing reservations. Registering for the event does not book your housing!

  2. Book early! We do our best to secure a large enough room block for the event, but have had our reduced rate sell out as early as October! The last day to book housing at the guaranteed discounted rate is January 7, 2019 or when the room block fills, whichever comes first!

  3. Can the Network help me find a roommate? 
    Yeah, sorry, we're not able to do that. But we do have an online roommate discussion board where folks can try and connect with each other. It is up to you to make these arrangements, and you’re responsible for making sure your roommate is someone you’ll actually want to room with! Find a mutual friend and ask questions!

  4. What happens if my roommate doesn't show up? 
    The individual staying in the room is then responsible for the full cost of the room.

  5. Sometimes people will ask us "can we book at a different hotel or motel for a cheaper rate?" 
    Our answer: Well. We suppose you could... But here's the thing. We really need our participants to book at the official event hotel.

    Why? We sign a contract with the hotel, guaranteeing that our group will book a minimum number of rooms. Because of this guarantee, the hotel gives us screaming good rates, as well as other concessions like coffee meeting space, etc. These elements all help make the Extravaganza possible.

    If folks book elsewhere, it could jeopardize our ability to meet our contract obligations and the cost of the whole event would go up. In addition, the Network would incur contract penalties that could hurt our ability to do these kind of events.

    Plus, you'd lose out on being a part of the community at the hotel where we're all staying.

    So please book at the Hyatt Regency using our link to guarantee our rate.

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