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Sponsorships and Advertising

The Network is grateful to all of the organizations and ministries that partner with us to make the Extravaganza possible!

One of our Extravaganza goals is to help connect congregational practitioners to resource providers and partners. Sponsorships and advertising are great ways to do that.

We have opportunities for sponsorships and advertising that help put resources and material into the hands of Extravaganza participants, and which put your organization's name and logo in front of them.

There are a variety of ways to promote your organization and resources during the Extravaganza.

Program Ads

For the onsite Extravaganza, we publish an 8.5in x 5.5in program book that contains the event schedule, a listing of workshop descriptions and other important information.  You have the opportunity to advertise in the 2023 program book. All advertisements are in full color.  

If you have questions about print program ads, contact Todd Buegler

Download ad specs and requirements View the 2022 Program Book as a sample

To purchase an ad, use the icons below to purchase from the Network's online store.  

Ad Location 

 Ad Type

 Number Available


 Program Book  Inside Front Cover


 Program Book  Inside Back Cover  1  $600.00
 Program Book  Outside Back Cover  1  $600.00
 Program Book  Full Page  Unlimited  $450.00
 Program Book  Half Page  Unlimited  $300.00

Program Ads Store


Note:  The cost of these items are based on 700 registered, in-person participants.  If we have more than that, the actual cost may be slightly higher.  Each item will have both the logo of your organization, and the Network's logo printed on it, representing our partnership in making this event happen.  

To sponsor any of these give-a-way items, please contact  

Zippered Padfolio

We would love to place a portfolio styled notebook into the hands of every participant.  A notebook of this type will be helpful at the Extravaganza, but beyond that, will be used every day by our participants after they return home.  Cost:  $15,250

Aqua Plastic Water Bottle

We all use water bottles every day. We will encourage Extravaganza participants to hydrate with the Aqua Plastic Sports Bottle with drink spout, made from BPA free materials.  Cost:  $4,750

Extravaganza Lanyards 

Every Extravaganza participants will receive a name badges and a lanyard when they check in.  Your organization's name or image can be on the lanyard that everyone will wear every day of the event!  Cost:  $600

Coffee Break

Children, Youth and Family Ministers are (generally) a coffee drinking bunch!  Sponsoring morning coffee endears your organization to the heart of all of our participants.  This sponsorship will place a coffee station in the middle of the exhibit, identifying your organization as the sponsor. Cost:  $2,000

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