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Outdoor Ministry Partnerships

Who is this partnership for?

The Network loves the church's outdoor ministries!  And we've created this special level of partnership exclusively for our camps and retreat centers affiliated with Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  We know that value of your work, and we want to make connection with the Network and its members as accessible as possible for you and your organization.

Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Brings:

  • Support and prayer
  • Discounts for services to Network members (if applicable)
  • A willingness to share its wisdom, knowledge and leadership in the community.
  • Ongoing participation in the mission of the Network and the children, youth and family ministry movement.
  • Minimum of $800 in annual financial support

For LOM Affiliated Ministry Sites, the Network brings:
  • Support and prayer
  • 2 Network memberships
  • 2 Extravaganza registrations
  • 1 Exhibit table at the Extravaganza (includes 
  • Being listed in the "Partners" section of the Network web site
  • Part of the regular, rotating "Partner of the Week" sidebar article in the e-news with a link to the partner's web site
  • Access to the Network regional membership database once per year (for your region)*
  • Recognition as an "Outdoor Ministry Partner" in the Extravaganza program book and at the Extravaganza

 Actual value of these items individually is $1800

In addition:

  • LOM will provide the Network with an "Exhibitor Partnership," including an invitation to the annual Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Conference
  • The Network will provide an opportunity for LOM to host a training event in advance of the Extravaganza for outdoor ministry leaders.  Network members would be invited to attend if they are interested.

* = Annually, at your request, we will send the fresh database out to you.  You can use it either for e-mail or snail mail…your pick.  We ask partners not to do more than one mailing per year, just so that we don’t “overuse” the access people give us to their info, and we ask the partners not to just do a “data dump” of our database into theirs.

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