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Archive of Past Episodes

Thanks for checking in to the 3TC Archives.  The recordings of our 3rdTuesday Conversations sessions are resources that will strengthen your ministry.  

3rdTuesday Conversation Recordings

 Month  3TC Guest  Title  Link
 May, 2023   "Does Urgency Really Exist?" Listen to Podcast
 April, 2023 Dr. Matt Bloom "Wellbeing in Ministry" Listen to Podcast
 March, 2023  "Broken & Beloved" Listen to Podcast
 February, 2023  "Why is Evangelism so Cringe?" Listen to Podcast
 January, 2023 Anthony Eder "What is Enough?" Listen to Podcast
 December, 2022 Revs Manuel Retamoza & Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun"Ministry in the Borderland?  Listen to Podcast
 November, 2022 "Cultivating Generous Hearts in Youth"  Listen to Podcast
 October, 2022 Mark Oestreicher "How Youth Culture is Changing and Why it Matters" Listen to Podcast
 Sept., 2022 Dr. Kara Powell A Conversation with Kara Powell Listen to Podcast
 August, 2022  "God, the Universe, and a Crisis of Faith" Listen to podcast
 July, 2022  "The Rhythms of Ministry Listen to podcast
 June, 2022  "Build it and they will come? Using Space and engaging neighbors" Listen to podcast
 May, 2022 Rev. Dr. Aqueelah Ligonde"At the E with Aqueelah Ligonde"  Listen to podcast
 April, 2022 Rev. Dr. Jason Brian Santos "At the E with Jason Brian Santos" Listen to Podcast
 March, 2022Deaconess Sophia Kristina R. Agtarap  "At the E with Sophia Kristina Agtarap Listen to Podcast
 February, 2022 Deacon Tammy Jones West "At the E with TammyJones West" Listen to Podcast
 January, 2022 Rev. Jenny Sung  "You're Not Meant to Hold it All Alone" Listen to podcast
 December, 2021  "Defining Success while Wandering the Wilderness Listen to podcast
 November, 2021Kristina Fruge & Dr. Jeremy Myers  "Becoming a Public Church" Listen to podcast
 October, 2021  Rev. Todd Buegler  "Navigating the Chaos: You Are Enough" Listen to podcast
 September, 2021 Dr. Andy Root "The Future of Youth Ministry" Listen to podcast
 May, 2021  "Building Bridges to Post-Pandemic Life" Listen to podcast
 April, 2021  "Waking Up on our Journey to Anti-Racism" Listen to podcast
 March, 2021  "What's On Your Brain" Listen to podcast
 February, 2021 Rev. Angela T. Khabeb"After the E"Listen to podcast 
 January, 2021  "Post Pandemic ministry Listen to podcast
 December, 2020 David Holtz "Where do we go from here - Part III" Listen to podcast
 November, 2020  "Where do we go from here - Part II" Listen to podcast
 October, 2020 Kristen Baltrum "Where do we go from here -Part I" Listen to podcast
 September, 2020 Steve Graner  "Fearfully and  Wonderfully Made" Listen to podcast
 August, 2020  "What do we do about Fall? Listen to podcast
 Special Edition   
 July, 2020   
 June, 2020  "Black Lives Matter" 
 May, 2020 Rev. Brenda Bos "Live at the E with Brenda Bos Listen to podcast
 April, 2020 Julie Miller "Ministry and Mental Health During a Pandemic Listen to podcast
 March, 2020 Bishop Kristen Kuempel "Live at the E with Bishop Kristen" Listen to podcast
 February, 2020 Joe Davis & Dave Scherer "Live at the E with Joe & Dave" Listen to podcast
 January, 2020 Rev. Emmy Kegler "Are You and Ally that Helps or Hurts? Listen to podcast
 December, 2019 Jill Beverlin "ELCA Coaching" Listen to podcast
 November, 2019 Commander Aaron Fuller "Ministering to Families of Deployed Service Members" Listen to podcast
 October, 2019  "Social Media Part 1" Listen to podcast
 September, 2019  "Fear of Failure: Who?  Me?"  Listen to podcast
 August, 2019 CJ Clark "Generations" Listen to podcast
 July, 2019 Rev. Scott Maxwell-Doherty "When Things Go Wrong"  Listen to podcast
 June, 2019  "What are we Doing and Why are we Doing it? Listen to podcast
 May, 2019 Dr. Dawn Rundman Partnering with Parents from     Day One Listen to podcast
 April, 2019 Jeff Chu 3TC at the E with Jeff Chu Listen to podcast
 March 2019 Turning Tradition on its Head Listen to podcast
 February 2019 Dr. Jacqueline BussieLive at Extravaganza with Dr. Jacqueline Bussie Listen to podcast
 January , 2019
Science, Faith and Hermeneutics...Oh my! Listen to podcast
 December, 2018The Death of Youth Group? Listen to podcast
 November, 2018 Michael BeckmanKnowing and Being Known Through the Enneagram Listen to podcast
 October 2018 Stewarding the Stewards Listen to podcast
 September 2018 Todd Buegler Trying Something New Listen to podcast
 September 2018  Artisans of the Common Good Listen to podcast
 May 2018 Molly Beck Dean ELCA Youth Gathering View the webinar
 March 2018 Maris Ehlers Suicide, Social Media & Bullying View the webinar
 February 2018 Siri Erickson Science, Faith & Ethics 
 January 2018 Erica Schimelpfenig YouthWorks Mission Trips View the webinar
 December 2017 Kara Haug The Importance of Talking About
 Sexuality with Youth
 View the webinar
 November 2017 Discipling Cohorts Initiative Team The Discipling Cohorts Initiative View the webinar
 October 2017 Ryan Cumming & Phillip  LaDeur ELCA World Hunger for Kids and
 View the webinar
 September 2017  Tim Cryer & Heather Carufel Working with Young People on  the Fringe View the webinar
 May 2017 Lyle Griner 13 Reasons Why Discussion View the webinar
 April 2017 Anita Smallin & Brian Krause Inclusive Faith Formation &  Theology of Disability View the webinar
 March 2017 Amanda Berger Soul Sisterhood View the webinar
 February 2017 Jacob Sorenson The Impact of Summer Camp View the webinar
 January 2017 Todd Buegler What's next for the Network? View the webinar
 November 2016 Sharon & Tim Taylor Discussing Racism View the webinar
 October 2016 Eric Barreto Theology and Election Season View the webinar
 September 2016 Andy Root Science for Youth Ministry View the webinar
 May 2016 Andrew Zirschky Beyond the Screen View the webinar
 April 2016 Sarah Ciavarri Wholehearted Living View the webinar
 March 2016
 Shannon Savage-Howie MartinsList View the webinar
 February 2016 Janelle Hooper Children's Ministry View the webinar
 January 2016 Terri Elton The Confirmation Project View the webinar
 May 2015 Karen Stevensen  Authenticity in Ministry & Life View the webinar
 April 2015 Lyle Griner Talking about Grief & Loss View the webinar
 March 2015 Keith Anderson Social Media & Ministry View the webinar
 February 2015 Kim Adams &
 Charlie Roberts

 Youth Gathering Info Panel View the webinar
 January 2015 Nancy Going &
 Rollie Martinson
 Vibrant Faith View the webinar
 December 2014 Layne Nelson Outdoor Ministry View the webinar
 November 2014 Bethany Stolle Curriculum Design View the webinar
 October 2014 Peder Eide Family Worship Not Available
 September 2014 Josh Graber Alternative Year Ministries View the webinar 
 April 2014  Paul Amlin  Leadership   View the webinar
 March 2014  Heather Hjelmstad  Ministry of Inclusion  View the webinar
 February 2014  Rich Melheim  Faith5  View the webinar
 January 2014  Catherine Anderson &
  Deb Westerberg
 The Discipleship Challenge  View the webinar
 December 2013  Nadia Bolz-Weber  A Conversation with Nadia  View the webinar
 November 2013  Linda Staats  Ministry Crossing Generations  View the webinar
 October 2013  Kris Bjorke and Sue Megrund  Navigating Congregational Change  View the webinar
 September 2013  Meredith Gould  The Social Media Gospel  View the webinar
 May 2013  Shannon Savage-Howie  Spiritual Direction  View the webinar
 April 2013  Mark DeVries  Sustainable Youth Ministry  View the webinar
 March 2013  Kari Lyn Wampler  Identity  View the webinar
 February 2013  Andy Root  Relational Youth Ministry  View the webinar
 January 2013  Brianna Morris Brock  Mission Trips  View the webinar
 December 2012  John Roberto  Ministry as Curation  View the webinar
 November 2012  Nancy Lee Gauche  Strengths and Gifts  View the webinar
 October 2012      View the webinar
 September 2012  Shawn Small  Ministry as Storytelling   View the webinar
 May 2012  A Veteran Panel  "How to Have a Great Gathering"  View the webinar
 April 2012  David Miller  Caring for your Spirit  View the webinar
 March 2012  Erik Ullestad and Jake Bouma  Creating Curriculum  View the webinar
 February 2012  Mike Ward  Fundraising  View the webinar
 January 2012  Alexia Salvatierra  Young People on the Margin  View the webinar
 December 2011  Michael Sladek  Design  View the webinar
 November 2011  Mark Schoepp  Health and Wellness in Ministry  View the webinar
 October 2011  Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson  Young People and the Church  View the webinar
 September 2011  Karen Stevensen  Talking About Sexuality  View the webinar
 May 2011  Mark Jackson & Dave Ellingson  Service Learning  View the webinar
 April 2011  Mark Matlock  Ministry with Parents  View the webinar
 March 2011  Celia Whitler  Ministry with Girls  View the webinar
 February 2011  Rollie Martinson  New Research  View the webinar
 January 2011  Enuma Okoro  Reluctant Pilgrim  View the webinar
 December 2010  The E team 2010  Info on E2010  Not available
 November 2010  Kenda Creasy Dean  God Bearing  Download Recording
 October 2010  Elizabeth Marquardt  Children of Divorce Download Recording
 September 2010  Mark Yaconelli  A Culture of Spirituality  Download Recording
 May 2010  Terri Elton  Missional Youth Ministry Not available
 April 2010  David Anderson  Ministry in the Home  Not available
 March 2010  Andy Root  Relational Ministry  Not available

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